Expanding Community Impact with Skill-Based Volunteerism

Driving meaningful impact is a core part of our DNA at Guidewire. In this blog, Senior Product Manager, Deb Bose, shares more on how we're utlizing the Guidewire Gives Back program to spearhead a skill-based volunteer initiative in India.

Expanding our Community Impact with Innovative Skill-Based Volunteerism

Guidewire believes in collaboration with partners operating in the P&C industry and has the largest number of partnerships among any other core solution provider. While all those partners bring in capabilities that go into helping insurers best serve their customers in an emergency or natural disaster, there are some other special relationships that Guidewire maintains which helps people in  difficult times. Those partnerships go beyond the world of technology or consulting and involve partnering with charities who are working in making the world a better place. Guidewire’s community impact program,  Guidewire Gives Back, centers around two key strategic pillars:

  • Education – supporting education in technology and insurance for underserved communities and women 

  • Communities in Crisis – supporting those in need due to violence, natural disasters, and lack of daily living resources - in unison with our P&C industry customers

While Guidewire has historically supported various charities, this year we have launched a special program focused on our Education pillar. This initiative goes above and beyond regular volunteer hours or matching donation efforts that most people are familiar with.

This will be Guidewire’s first program focused on skill-based volunteerism - bringing the talents and skills of our Guidewire community to solve problems and implement solutions for the non-profit sector.

Guidewire Gives Back Community Members

Standing Together to support Education

Guidewire has joined forces with Team4Tech and as part of the collaboration, we are supporting Ek Tara Foundation, an organization that works towards the education of underprivileged children in Kolkata, India. This partnership is unique because it involves 10 Guidewire employees from around the world spending 10 days at the Ek Tara office in Kolkata, India. During their stay, they will collaborate with the local team to develop and implement sustainable processes for the school community, including teachers, students, and volunteers. Their efforts will ensure that these processes are effectively put into practice, promoting children's learning and inspiring their progress.

Deb shared why this cause was important for him to get involved with:

"Giving back to society is one of the mantras that I live by. Initiatives which empower people to stand on their own foot and make themselves stronger are very close to my heart. I believe education is the most effective lever to uplift a person's socio-economic stature."

"Working with EK Tara Foundation has been a lot of learning for myself. I'm thankful to Guidewire and our management team for backing initiatives like this one, it inspires me to continue supporting the team on their journey."

As a business, Guidewire is involved in building solutions which are sustainable, ensuring that they are built in a way which can help people in their time of need. This same vision extends to our charitable initiatives, where we remain committed to supporting those in need. The Ek Tara Foundation was selected for this special initiative as it is dedicated to helping  people to stand on their own feet and create an impact. The impact education creates has a long-term effect, helping individuals rise out of poverty and inspiring others along the way. Supporting this initiative is a testament to Guidewire’s commitment to humility and sustainable support for communities in need. 

As we celebrate our partners within the insurance ecosystem, it is noteworthy to highlight a unique non-profit partnership that extends beyond the industry. The opportunity to contribute outside one’s own projects or team is rare in business, yet some organizations believe in taking these significant steps. 

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