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Everyone on our Product Development team is making their mark on Guidewire products. We're focused on building the products of the future, while ensuring that existing products continue to serve our customers’ needs. Our industry platform provides insurance companies with a way to quickly and efficiently take care of their customers in a time of desperation and need. Working together, the Product Development team uses agile methodologies to build the best products. We’re operating in an increasing number of markets around the globe, meaning that we can now offer more opportunities than ever before.

“Yes, we are a big company but the diversity of people, culture and experience  makes this a unique place to work. We know how to keep the atmosphere collegial, fostering relationships and learning from each others.”


QA Engineer

“So, it’s not really about the workspace for me. We could work in the fanciest building and have top-notch facilities, but I would not enjoy it as much if the atmosphere and culture were not what I have now in my team.”


Software Engineer

“It’s nice to come to work and feel like you belong on your first day.”


UX Designer

“What makes us different from other organizations? The challenges we face, and the commitment we exhibit in fulfilling our customers’ expectations and beyond. On top of that, the people make our atmosphere unique, and a flexible work arrangement.”


Product Manager

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