We aspire to be different

More honest, more dedicated to customers, more committed to quality

Our values

Introducing Guidewire

What makes Guidewire special?

We believe we have a good idea about what makes a fulfilling work life for employees:

  • Meaningful work
  • Quality products
  • Sound business strategy
  • Ultra-competent colleagues
  • Plenty of freedom to innovate and create

More about Guidewire

Sandia Ren

Vice President of Professional Services

"Fantastic people, fulfilling opportunities and fun!"

Erin O’Harra-Sutton

Internal Communications Manager

"The Culture of Trust"

Eugene Lee

Vice President of Data and Analytics

"The learning never stops."

Denise Videtta

Software Manager

"Guidewire is More Than Just a Job"

David Hamill

Senior Graphic Designer

"One thing that's really stood out is how flexible Guidewire have been, particularly around work/life balance."

Lance Holman

Account Lead Support Engineer

"You can't help but be swept up in the energy of this environment."