Open to different perspectives, we achieve more.

Diversity is our superpower

Diversity first

We demand equality for all. So it's our duty to build and maintain a workplace where everyone is included, belongs, and feels cherished just as they are. At Guidewire, we empower our teams to take an active role in creating this workplace—a real community, where everyone from everywhere can be true to themselves.

Equality is a fundamental part of Guidewire. It’s a natural, organic aspect of our culture. But we also see it as a journey that never truly ends. We can always improve—learn to listen, explore, and challenge ourselves. Through this dynamic approach to diversity, we create better products, build deeper connections with each other, and ultimately become stronger tomorrow than we are today. 

‘Cause that’s what heroes do.

Guidewire Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We align with and uphold our values of Integrity, Rationality, and Collegiality, and we strive to create a workplace that reflects the diverse communities we serve—an environment where everyone feels included and feels a sense of belonging. We expect each of us to take an active role in creating a global community where people of diverse backgrounds bring all of who they are, and do their best work.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

We champion and empower people connected by background and life experience through dedicated ERGs that foster continuous learning, understanding, and community.


ABLEguide logo

ABLEguide’s mission is to increase awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities or mental health concerns at Guidewire. Along with our Allies, we provide a safe space that empowers people with visible or invisible disabilities to tell their stories and be heard, understood, and supported.


ASIAPACguide Logo

ASIAPACguide is a unifying group to empower Guidewire employees, the Asia Pacific community, and allies globally. We strive to build awareness, leadership, community, and equality, all while celebrating the diversity of our cultures. We will promote diversity and welcome allies who have a connection with, affection for, and desire to learn about our cultures.



Guidewire’s Recognition of Women (GROW) is here to identify and tackle the
challenges women face. We organize and support activities and forums to benefit
women both in our company and working within a traditionally male-
dominated industry. 



LUCES is "Latinos Unidos Creating Empowerment and Success." In Spanish, "luces" means lights and illuminations.

The mission of LUCESguide is to increase LatinX, Hispanic, Caribbean, and multicultural employee representation at Guidewire in all work groups and at all levels, to foster connections for professionals, and to promote a culture of inclusion and diversity of thought that amplifies our community's positive impact on Guidewire's strategic priorities and growth.



Our NextGENguide ERG empowers employees to navigate growth opportunities at the early stages of their careers by providing networking opportunities for employees to propel their career growth trajectory. We provide and advocate for a safe space for employees to grow and enhance their professional development. We also strengthen and support Guidewire through attracting, retaining, and empowering the next generation talent community.


ONYXguide Logo

ONYXguide is an open, friendly, hospitable group of global members and allies working together to share the unique cultures and experiences of those from the African diaspora, build a sustainable diverse and inclusive work environment, and foster inclusive diversity as second nature.

Our mission is to:

  • Partner with our allies and supporters to build social and professional networks to increase the visibility and representation of people with African ancestry here at Guidewire

  • Encourage a welcoming, collaborative culture that values diverse voices and unique perspectives in everything we do

  • Celebrate the rich history and traditions of Africans, Caribbeans, and African-Americans


PRIDEguide Logo

PRIDEguide is an open, inclusive space for all Guidewire employees who identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and their allies. Our mission is to inform, educate, and engage current and potential members of the community, as well as allies and potential allies. We will accomplish this through educational initiatives, community outreach, philanthropic activities, and ERG events.

Ally Network

Our Ally Network stands up, speaks out, and supports groups or individuals with whom they don’t personally identify. This empowers our people to be equality champions, making sure nobody feels like “the only,” creating a culture of belonging and friendship.

Inside guidewire


We’re an extraordinary blend of hungry self-starters, intrepid explorers, brainy experts, and loyal allies. Combine all of this, and we make a glorious success story, loaded with down-to-earth, helpful, and passionate people, all on the journey of a lifetime.

Guidewire’s an adventure—and it’s yours for the taking.

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Talent rewards

The perks. The rewards. The good stuff.

We’re proud to boast about our awesome benefits packages. Holistic wellness is a big deal for us. We offer everything you need to support your work and, most importantly, your work-life balance. We’re committed to helping you be the best version of yourself. Inside and outside of work.



Receive market-competitive pay and incentive programs—because you deserve it! To help future-proof your income, we offer generous support through retirement savings plans.



Keep your physical and emotional health in tip-top shape with health insurance for you and your family, an employee assistance program, annual wellness reimbursement, and access to wellness resources.



Work in an environment where you’ll have the freedom and trust to make an impact, with time for your life outside of work.



Relax and kick back through our generous paid time-off programs. Make a difference in your community with three volunteer days each year. Take your own personal day of rest with My Day. We also offer ample paid leave for all new parents.



We encourage self-directed learning, giving you every chance to become a better version of yourself, both professionally and personally. At Guidewire, lifelong learning is here for the taking.



Your career opportunities are only limited by your own imagination. Guidewire’s community is filled with chances to expand your horizons across any of our teams or worldwide‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ locations.