Guidewire Basecamp: Navigating My Career Journey

You choose the door, we'll give you the key. Guidewire Basecamp provides all the resources you need to discover your tech career. From intern to graduate and beyond, you'll be able to go your own way and get hands-on experience, all while being supported by teammates and mentors. Read about Frank's experience and how he was able to Leap Further in his career at Guidewire.

Growing From Intern to Graduate

Joining Guidewire as an intern really gave me a good glimpse into what I was working toward in school. Joining this field a little later in my school career, I always felt like my only experience was schoolwork and personal projects, which for me felt unrealistic. Coming into the internship, I didn’t really know what to expect. But I was greeted by an energetic team that wanted to see me develop my skills and succeed. With a team of three interns, we formed an idea for a project, planned our strategy and executed. The whole time we were guided by a team of passionate developers and some of the managers. When I finished the internship, I had developed skills that I brought back to school and had amazing success with. Upon finishing school, I felt as though I had a lot more I wanted to learn and develop, and I knew Guidewire was the place I wanted to do that.

The Day-to-Day

Now in my day-to-day work as a Consultant 1 in the GSC, I have been working on a project for a few months. I get to work directly with our clients and other consultants and developers to implement solutions for our customers. A favorite part of my day is getting to work alongside my peers to come up with a solution to a problem. Everyone at Guidewire has been so patient and helpful in my transition into my career.

I work remotely primarily, and I get to work with colleagues all over the world. It’s a unique situation that I feel I am still adjusting to. Getting to talk to and engage with my global teammates is very special.

Guidewire Basecamp Zoom Call

Guidewire Basecamp Thrives on Learning

I feel that the most important thing that I’ve learned in my time so far with Guidewire is to consistently ask questions and ask them as soon as you need to. The things we work on can sometimes become personal and it feels defeating to admit you’re stuck or don’t know, but by asking those questions you can usually end up learning more from your colleagues than by banging your head against the wall.

A great piece of advice I have for someone coming into Guidewire as a graduate hire is to try and immerse themselves in some part of the company culture. I had a wonderful experience as an intern, and I made it a point to try and get involved again on the other side. Doing so helped me to really spend some time with my coworkers and ingrain myself in the culture. I think Guidewire has something special with the culture they have developed and immersing myself in that really helped my transition.

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Every New Career Journey Needs a Guide

I got to work with the intern program again, but from the other perspective, which was a wonderful experience. I have done a lot of work with the recruiting teams and spent time with a lot of other Consultants that were hired after me. Getting to be a bit of a mentor on the early days of training for others was really fun and helped me out a ton. I have also participated in a couple of Guidewire Gives Back events which were an absolute blast. I love that Guidewire is consistently hosting these types of events.

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