Collegiality beyond compare…

Our invincible teams

Guidewire’s success is down to six core teams of close allies, gifted crewmates, and dedicated explorers who stand together on their quest for answers. We stride toward key goals with focus and determination, digging deeper to deliver exceptional solutions, and always having fun along the way.


Product Development and Operations

Better than ever before…

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Analytics and Data Services

Fighting the good fight…

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Don and Seb, GSC, Delivery Services

Delivery Services

The face of Guidewire…

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Business Operations Hero

Business Operations

Behind the scenes...

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Sales and Marketing

Leading the transformation...

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Inside guidewire
Guidewire Team Culture


We’re an extraordinary blend of hungry self-starters, intrepid explorers, brainy experts, and loyal allies. Combine all of this, and we make a glorious success story, loaded with down-to-earth, helpful, and passionate people, all on the journey of a lifetime.

Guidewire’s an adventure—and it’s yours for the taking.

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