Work From Anywhere: Megha's Go Global Adventure

At Guidewire, we create industry-changing products and next-level customer experiences by pushing the limits of what’s possible. We also push the boundaries of where we work. In the digital age, our teams have even more flexibility when it comes to how we work through our Work From (almost) Anywhere Program. This global mobility program has given our employees the chance to expand their horizons, visit loved ones, and provides the power to choose their own adventure. Read about how Megha leveraged her time at Guidewire to make a long-awaited visit home to see her mum and family in India.

Introduce yourself

I'm Megha, I'm a Software Architect with the Guidewire Services Center, and I joined Guidewire after finishing college.

How long have you been with us, and what's kept you here?

I've been here almost 8 years! The culture here is so good that I haven't felt like leaving.

Favorite thing about your role?

My role as an Architect gives me a sense of responsibility towards the success of the projects that I am working on, and also towards sharing my learnings for the growth of the company.

What are some of your biggest learnings in your time at Guidewire?

Guidewire has given me the opportunity to work with many different customers to help them in their journey with Guidewire products. I have been working with people from various parts of the world. This has taught me to be patient, to keep an open mind and be effective with my communication. This has also taught me empathy. I have built many successful customer relationships along my time here. I have learned how to guide a team, how to give my best at work and how to promote a healthy environment for everyone working with me.

Tell us more about your Go Global Adventure

I used all 5 months of the Go Global program and went to stay with my mum in Mumbai, India.

It's been nine years almost since I have left Mumbai. In these past nine years, whenever I went back home, I always felt like a visitor. The maximum time I used to spend in India was 3-4 weeks and time just flies when you are visiting home. It never used to feel like enough. I used to have to prioritize and choose which friends and family I could spend time with because there were so many things to do on my list whenever I went home. I only got to take a couple of days to go for a holiday somewhere in the country. Any more than that and my mum would complain that I wasn't spending enough time with her.

This time when I went home for 5 months, it felt like I actually lived there. That's what I wanted to experience, being back to living in India, being able to see my friends and family and not worrying about time.

Megha Work From Anywhere experience

What was your favorite part about being home?

Food is one thing I majorly miss when I am away from home. I ate to my heart's content this time. My mum is an amazing cook and she fed me so much. It was pure happiness.

I love Mumbai monsoons. Since I came to Ireland, I almost always go back home during December and miss the monsoon season which is from July to September in India. This time, I was home from July to December and witnessed the monsoon. It was so mesmerizing for me. The heavy rain, smell of wet earth, thunder and lightning, all the trees in their brightest green; My heart fell in love again.

I also got to celebrate so many festivals. It is a different feeling when you are in India because everyone is celebrating together and there is so much food, joy and fun all around.

I took a three and a half week long holiday and did a solo trip to the north of India. I went to Delhi, Himachal, Agra and Varanasi. I love to travel and this was the highlight of my stay in India. I had never taken such a long holiday to travel ever before, since I've usually had to save my annual holidays to visit home.

This time, since I was working from home for five months, I could take a long holiday to travel without my mum feeling that I am not giving her time. It was an immensely liberating experience. I met so many people, made plenty of friends, ate incredible food and got to discover a lot of culture.

How did you manage working with your team while on the program?

My team and my manager gave me the freedom to change my work hours to better suit Indian time. I did work Irish hours if I had meetings but otherwise, I started earlier and finished around 4:30pm Irish time which is 10:00pm in India.

Would you participate in the program again?


Thank you to Megha for sharing her #InsideGuidewire story! Learn more about Guidewire's Work From Anywhere Program, or reach out to one of our team for more information on how you could #LeapFurther in your global mobility adventures!

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